Diaspora Lanka

We are a recently established not for profit company which wants to be the brokers between Sri Lankan diaspora communities across the globe and nation building opportunities in regional Sri Lanka. These opportunities include humanitarian support, business mentoring and investment and knowledge transfers to assist with integrated planning of villages and more impoverished regions especially those affected by the recent civil war. The three decade bloody civil war has just ended with serious rifts between the four major ethnicities in Sri Lanka – Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher. In many parts of the world eg Australia, UK and Canada, serious tensions continue to exist and flare up especially between Tamil and Sinhalese. This could lead to reigniting this conflict in Sri Lanka. The good thing is that most Sri Lankans, irrespective of their ethnic background, have a strong heart connection and sense of duty to the land of their birth. We want to trade on this commodity by encouraging all Sri Lankans to work together for the greater peace and prosperity of Sri Lanka especially in the poorer regions and war-affected areas, and through working shoulder to shoulder on specific projects, will discover a greater humanity that unites us all. A diaspora is defined as any group that has been dispersed outside its traditional homeland.
Target Audience :
Products will be designed with a global audience in mind - the presentation needs to be simple, easily recognisable and have universal human / cross cultural appeal. Key groups include: • All Sri Lankans – Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and Sinhalese • Sri Lankan business people and other professionals • International aid agencies • Governments – Sri Lankan and elsewhere • Friends of Sri Lanka – people of non Sri Lankan heritage committed to peace, unity and prosperity.


Brand Name :
Diaspora Lanka